Rebecca M. | Beaufort, Beaufort

August-10-2023 Bark busters rating

We had a desperate situation. Our Vizsla that at first loved having a playmate after a few months became on edge and began attacking the little rescue dog - breaking his jaw in 3 places. The Viszla was stressed all the time and incredibly aggressive- and seemed to constantly want to go after the puppy. The first visit with James was incredible. We laid out a plan and he level set on time for transformation and the levels of progress that may be possible and strategies if not. It was such a relief to have a plan. And he taught me a few things that made an immediate difference. I had homework and it was manageable. We went through process, James always responded and provided guidance along the way between sessions. Every month we progressed, with a set back here and there where fortunately we had controls in place to keep everyone safe - and that, as James pointed out, brought insight on triggers. I am so incredibly grateful that we now have two dogs that snuggle together which I did not would ever be possible. James helped me learn l how to read the dogs better and when and how to manage with simple techniques. I am so glad both dogs can have full lives now - and even play together and comfort each other. I am grateful and cannot recommend the services enough! This would not have been a happy ending without James. It took time, practice but it was all manageable and it paid off way beyond the level I expected.

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Judy T. | Richmond HIll

November-01-2022 Bark busters rating

We have two dogs but needed the most help with our 3 year old Brittany….Ginger. For those of you that are familiar with that breed, you clearly know how energetic and spastic they can be. We had a Brittany before, but Ginger has exceeded the craziness. She had a bad habit of counter surfing in the kitchen while we were cooking. As much as we yelled at her, that bad habit continued. Walking her was exhausting. The minute she got outside, her nose led the way. She would pull so hard, and if a car drove by, she would bark and try to dart at the car. That was really nerve wracking because one day if we didn’t have complete control of her leash, she definitely would have been hit. We finally decided to hire a dog trainer. We hired James with Bark Buster. The best thing about his tactics, is that we are not just attending typical training classes teaching dog obedience. Most dog training classes have a generalized training outline. James customized the training needs based on what we wanted to be corrected. We successfully keep the dogs out of the kitchen during any cooking process. We can now walk the dogs and there is absolutely no pulling. They no longer control us while in the house or during the walks. Both dogs now understand that we are the pack leaders and that we control our expectations of them. In the end, it was my husband and I that really needed the training. We are both thrilled at the results and look forward to finally enjoying calmer walks and more peaceful times within the house.

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Barbara P. | Bluffton

April-07-2021 Bark busters rating

After only one session with James my 90 pound puppy is a different dog. Walking Buddy was a dreaded chore and is now a pleasure. We still have some work to do but with James's help I know we will get there. We are so happy with our experience with James and Bark Busters!

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Brinley A. | Richmond Hill

March-05-2021 Bark busters rating

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value We think Bark Busters was the best thing we could’ve done for us and our dog. The training methods are excellent. James guided us through the tough early puppy times and continues to be there for us making our lives and our dog’s life much more enjoyable. He makes himself readily available to us whenever we need guidance or training in the next development stage we are in with our pup. We would recommend their services to anyone who wants a happy and well behaved dog. James has trained us as well as our dog giving us a great relationship with a lot more enjoyment and less frustration during those puppy “adolescent” stages.

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Diane S. | Bluffton

December-17-2020 Bark busters rating

James has taught us a new way of understanding our pup ... I have much more confidence and I’m enjoying my well behaved Lily girl (9 month old Aussie) . Having a trained pup is a blessing and a comfort . James is patient, throughly explains and demonstrates everything we need to know. I highly recommend Bark Busters! - Most Sincerely, Diane and ‘Lily’

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Chloe M. | Richmond Hill

August-20-2020 Bark busters rating

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value I cannot even express how amazing my experience with these trainers has been! They are extremely professional and definitely know what they are doing. My very large dog had aggression issues that were a huge problem for my family and I, but after even just one training session I saw INCREDIBLE progress! These training methods REALLY WORK! I'm not saying that they can waive a magic wand and all your dog's problems go away. It definitely takes some work and time on the dog owner's end, of course, but the difference it has made for my dog and I IS magical! I highly recommend!

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Dee P. | Statesboro

August-14-2020 Bark busters rating

I thought I could train my 2 Yorkie puppies myself but they proved me wrong, they are just 5 months old but with every passing day they became just a bit more crazy & not listening, with full attention & treats they do well, but obviously I can't carry treats with me all the time, not that it would matter because when they're crazy they're uncontrollable, our biggest issue was the pups chasing the cats, they saw them as big toys, James explained "dog" speak to us & how to start gaining some control, I must say the pups are doing pretty well, but the adults still need some work, but we're trying, the night after the 1st session I woke to find the pups sleeping on the bed but the amazing part was the cat was sleeping on the bed within inches of them, that never would have happened before; the pups & people, have a long way to go but I know we'll get there, especially as they grow older; making the 1st call & speaking with Michelle was very encouraging & James has reached out several times for support & encouragement, it's nice to know that all I have to do is make a phone call if I need help in between sessions, I can't say how things will be in the future but I'm hopeful, as of now I would definitely recommend giving Bark Busters a try

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Richard Laity F. | Savannah

March-06-2020 Bark busters rating

James is a really knowledgeable and helpful trainer. I appreciated how he took the time to listen and fully understand all of our concerns. We were having some serious behavior problems with resource guarding with our < 1 year old puppy. His methods did help to address this but also help to address a lot of smaller behavior problems overall that we didn’t even realize how much we wanted to correct. I would say we are 100% happier with our lives with our dog now. James is really easy to talk to and also makes himself very available by phone or text to answer and questions you have in real time about training. I highly recommend these bark busters trainers to anyone who has some sort of behavior problem they want fixed and don’t know the best strategy to handle it!

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