“Michelle and James have become our main “go to” for puppy training and for pets with behavioral problems. We started by having Bark Busters come in to explain basic approaches to aggressive, scared or overly friendly dogs. I am sure this has enabled our staff to gain the confidence of a pet who is fear biting and has enabled us to avoid injury. They have taught us how to explain basic behavior to our clients and how to begin basic training and alternative behaviors. When more training is clearly needed or wanted, we know that Michelle and James will teach our clients simple techniques that do not involve any form of punishment and they work with us on the difficult cases, keeping us up to date on progress of the pets and we can discuss where medical therapy or nutritional therapy can help the pet overall so that we are all on the same page. They are so much fun to work with, be sure to get them to schedule a session with your own dogs so you can see firsthand how it works!” – Katherine Saenger, DVM Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital – Charleston, SC

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